welcome to black snapper design!

afro-print bits

the black snapper design "afro-print tee," now comes in long- and short-sleeved tees and fleece hoodies.  it's made from an original handprinted design (based on a selfie taken by the black snapper herself) that is printed onto lush 100% cotton. we liked it so much, we made it our logo.

yes, anyone can wear it!  for us, the image represents a freedom of spirit, to be the "real you," whatever that might be.  the real you can be bald, wigged, permed, dyed, braided, high & tight, weaved, etc., and still be represented by this image. this is a freedom that should be celebrated, no matter what your ethnic or cultural background.  when you think about it, it's really a celebration of the culturally diverse harlem in which it was born.